6×9 component speakers on the market

6x9 component speakers

If you’re trying to find the simplest 6×9 component speakers on the market, we’ve done some legwork for you to assist make an informed decision on your purchase. we’ve verified 4 different models of 6×9 speakers with a spread of power ratings and price tags, and that they all accompany a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers. All prices given are roughly supported what proportion they’re currently selling on Amazon.com.

 Whether you’re looking to upgrade your car’s stock standard factory speakers to enhance the performance of the stereo that came together with your car, otherwise you are looking to take a position some coin during a customized system to show up your favorite driving tunes, we present to you a variety of 6×9 component speakers on the market to fit your budget and power requirements. The models we peruse are the Morel Tempo Ultra 692, the Kicker 40CSS694, The Memphis Audio 15-PRX69C and therefore the Harman Infinity REF-9620cx.

 These excellent value Kicker 6×9 component speakers are our favorite of the tested models as they represent quality, great sound, practicality and surprisingly – rock bottom tag of the lot. The Kicker 40CSS694 speakers are very hard to fault by our reviewers and easy to praise!

 When it involves power output, these speakers score the very best of the lot, having the ability to handle a whopping 150 watts RMS. Furthermore, they even have rock bottom bass response, reaching 30Hz on the low end; and a high register of 21kHz through the tweeters – which additionally, have 0dB, +3dB and +6dB attenuation controls on the crossover unit. Regarding reproduction, the Kicker Extended Voice Coil (EVC) system gives an overall smoother and rounder sound than its predecessors. Additional specifications include an impedance of three .3 Ohms, a speaker sensitivity is 90dB.

 The speaker domes are constructed from titanium and therefore the woofers come standard with chunky Fort-Knox style grills that assist to guard your speakers, hopefully well past their 1-year warranty! All-in-all, the Kicker 40CSS694 may be a great overall pick, matching or maybe surpassing similar speakers in power, frequency response, and value. And with a bass frequency as low as 30Hz, if you select to not include a subwoofer in your system, you’ll still have the ability to maneuver some serious air with this bangin’ set of speakers.

 Memphis Audio may be a brand that specializes in premium car and marine audio amps, subwoofers, speakers and accessories they also carry rock bottom power rating of the lot by some margin, at 60W RMS. Even so, the Memphis Audio 15-PRX69C’s could do a good job at replacing your stock car speakers or pairing with the output of a standalone head unit, as you’ll move these polypropylene cones sufficiently without an outboard amplifier. If you’re on a budget, these are a worthy choice for upgrading your stereo, without forking out for extra hardware and installation costs. Additionally, being affordablethey’re very accessible and represent the immediate improvement to any system.

 These speakers have a sensitivity of 90dB and a frequency response range of 51Hz – 20kHz, which sacrifices extreme top clarity and moves less bass than the other speakers reviewed. This, however, can work to a plus again, with wiring these speakers up to a head unit without an outboard amplifier, because the limited bass response won’t drain the separate tweeters and crossover that are available the box will allow extended versatility in customizing your car audio soundscape.

 Although assembled in China, these speakers are of high quality and undergo intense internal control on the assembly line. The woofer cones are made up of sparkly treated paper and therefore the woofer surrounds contains synthetic rubber, while the voice coil wire is copper. The magnet within the woofer is formed from high-grade ferrite while the external tweeter magnet is made of neodymium, with the tweeters included within the box as standard, potentially making it difficult to suit into narrower speaker cavities.

 Whilst some sources suggest the frequency range to travel as low as 35Hz, the official Morel specifications list indicates a frequency response of 50Hz – 22kHz. Other specifications include a typical 4 Ohms impedance, a speaker sensitivity of 91dB and a powerful 130W RMS, meaning these speakers can get loud!

 This isn’t how fragile or delicate your speakers are; nor does it have anything to try to feel. this is often a universal metric that simply tells you ways much instantaneous sound pressure (loudness) an audio device will create at a stated distance on one watt.

 What does this mean to you? The more sensitive your speakers are, the less power they require to supply an equivalent amount of volume. My first car was a 2005 Subaru WRX. I loved her, but she had very shallow door panels and it had been a struggle to seek out speakers with a profile narrow enough to suit.

 Depending on your ride, you will have more or less room to figure with as you build a stereoconfirm you do not make the error I did and assume depth is universal – you’ll save yourself some serious money and tons of heartache.

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